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5,000 Venezuelans cross the border into Colombia, through the border town of Cùcuta, every day with no intention of returning home. Every - single - day. There is no end in sight for this massive influx of migrants who are traveling with all their belongings on their backs. Luckily, Colombia, unlike most countries in the region (and the world) has decided to open its doors to these migrants.
Through the lives of our characters you will experience every hardship but also every moment of fulfillment these migrants go through in order to find a better life. From a single mother of 5 struggling to find a roof for her children, to a group of kids living in a soup kitchen and somehow maintaining their innocence despite the chaotic environment surrounding them, as well as a Colombian immigration officer who's job is to regulate the entry of Venezuelans through the border and in some cases even send them back. This film is an immersive experience into life on one of the busiest borders in the world and how, maybe, the answer to immigration might be in Colombias hands.

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Born and raised in Venezuela where he began his career as a visual journalist, documenting mainly social issues and violent protests. He has successfully directed, shot and produced over 50 short pieces about the Venezuelan crisis amassing millions of views. Since then he has furthered his studies in documentary filmmaking in New York City. Subsequently, he directed, produced and shot the documentary short about the Venezuela 2017 protests, titled "Where Chaos Reigns" (co-directed with Anaïs Michel), which has received HBO’s Honorable mention at the Miami International Festival, won the Golden Gate Award for best documentary short at the San Francisco International Film festival as well as the Soapbox Award in Denmark’s Odense Film Festival.




Anaïs Michel is a New York City based documentary filmmaker. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from La Sorbonne and a Master’s degree from the French Press Institute, Anaïs left Paris to study filmmaking in New York. After graduating, she worked as an editor in Portland, Oregon with an Oscar nominated director. In New York, she worked at Vice and HBO. She worked as an Associate Editor on the HBO documentary Lenny, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2018. Most recently, she joined forces with Braulio Jatar to work on the award winning film “Where Chaos Reigns”, a short documentary about the Venezuelan crisis. Since 2019 Anaïs has been an editing instructor at the New York Film Academy.

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